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Indian Spices

The Indian Spices are widely used in homes and restaurants to add rich taste and aroma in curries and other food recipes. The spices are processed under natural taste and are fresh and pure by all standards.

Fresh Prawns

Our Fresh Prawns are widely used in homes as well as restaurants owing to great taste and rich minerals content. The prawns are available in fresh quality and offered at competitive rates to end-customers.

Dry Prawns

The Dry Prawns supplied by us are known for rich aroma, enriched taste, and high nutritional value. The prawns are quality tested and delivered to end-customers with the given time period.

Cooking Iodized Salt

The cooking iodized salt is 100% safe to consume and add rich taste and flavor in cooked food items. The salts also have rich nutritional value and cure iodine deficiency in human body.

Beverages/Non Alcoholic Drinks

Our Non-Alcoholic Beer is a type of beverage that is widely used to festive occasion and family parties. The beers are known for rich taste, great flavors and high nutritional value.